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           Schooling warrants an all-round development of any child. There are three aspects to it i.e., education, teacher and teaching methodologies, these parameters are forged simultaneously to hone the inherent talent of a child.

                                    At GJS, we provide Faithful and supportive atmosphere to our students for their multifaceted development, aiming to utilize their maximum potential and to help them become responsible citizen of the nation in order to face the ever-increasing competition around the world. We are devoted to arm the students with appropriate skills and wide range of opportunities that would create in them a sense of introspection and would ultimately lead them to succeed in life. In short, we are devoted not only to literate the students but to educate them. We Educate them about the Importance of clean and green surroundings, teach them to help the poor and the destitute, upskill them to take vital decisions at the blink of an eye and infuse in them the sense of inclusiveness, fraternity and humility to acknowledge and maintain the diversity of this beautiful nation.

                                                At GJS, we continuously equip our reverend teachers with various teachers training programs, Organized time to time in order to enhance their innovative teaching strategies that would help them to teach more effectively. We constantly focus on improving the teaching and learning techniques which in turn makes our students academically inquisitive, scientifically driven, spiritually wise, emotionally strong and thus innovative in all domains

                                      I whole heartedly welcome you all to be the part of this one big family, and be an active partner in molding the future of the children by inculcating sacraments, respect for everyone, competency and compassion for everyone.

                 “Welcome to GJS where talents are honed into prodigies”


                  WARM REGARDS,




The Geeta Jyoti School Began Its Journey In The Year 1984 To Provide World-Class Education Focusing On The Holistic Development Of The Children. The School Started With A Vision Of Providing Excellent Infrastructure And Services That Complimented The Curriculum Offered. The School Started Off With Facilities.The School Helps The Children To Improve Their Hidden Potential By Exposing Them To Diverse Opportunities And A Large Number Of Activities. 

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