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Every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel, we at GJS, cultivate a vibrant learning community that prepares students to thrive in a dynamic world. Our commitment is to provide a safe, positive, nurturing, intellectual learning environment that will empower students to become creative problem solver, critical thinkers and inspired learners. We at GJS provide all students with high quality education that enables them to be contributing members of a multi ethnic, multi cultural, pluralistic society. We seek to create an environment that achieves equity for all students and ensures that each student is a successful learner, is fully respected, and learns to respect others.

Our curriculum comprises of a seven-point programme to build a bright future for the young student community.

  • To develop an attitude for rapid and consistent learning among our pupils. 
  • To encourage scientific interest and observational studies particularly through the local environment. 
  • To assist our pupils in developing a global outlook and an attitude favouring global peace and progress. 
  • To develop in our pupils a healthy competitive spirit. 
  • To inculcate the best of moral values in them. 
  • To nurture in them high social values through quality education. 
  • To help our pupils grow into complete human beings.


The Geeta Jyoti School Began Its Journey In The Year 1984 To Provide World-Class Education Focusing On The Holistic Development Of The Children. The School Started With A Vision Of Providing Excellent Infrastructure And Services That Complimented The Curriculum Offered. The School Started Off With Facilities.The School Helps The Children To Improve Their Hidden Potential By Exposing Them To Diverse Opportunities And A Large Number Of Activities. 

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