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Do not follow where the path may lead
Go instead where there is no path & leave a trail

These words of Ralph Waldo Emerson have been an inspiration to us. Today GJS Rewa is a name synonymous with success because we seize every opportunity and work restlessly towards attaining new milestones. All our actions, thoughts and practices have been influenced by our inner desire to succeed.

Striving for excellence is a skill which can be cultivated and a mindset which can be fostered. Children are our most valuable resource and we nurture them with utmost love, care and compassion. We instil in them long term values such as discipline, commitment, perseverance which will help them in every sphere of life – from success in exams to winning a marathon. As educators our role is to provide the children appropriate tools with which they can cultivate their own gardens of knowledge.

Our students have done us proud by reaching unprecedented  heights. They have been successful at all levels – International, National, State and in all fields academics, sports and co-curriculars. They are encouraged to be socially aware, morally conscious and ethically strong. They have set a benchmark for the younger GeetaJyotians to emulate.

There is great truth to the saying, ‘You can’t do it alone’. We owe our success to the able leadership  and futuristic vision of our patrons who have been a constant source of encouragement and guidance to us. We are thankful to our parents for their consistent support in all our endeavours. The unflagging resolve and dogged persistence of our faculty and students has led us to the path of glory. 

To all my dear children I would like to say :

IMAGINE with all your mind
BELIEVE with all your heart
ACHIEVE with all your might.

Wishing you all good luck.


     Rajendra Awasthi



The Geeta Jyoti School Began Its Journey In The Year 1984 To Provide World-Class Education Focusing On The Holistic Development Of The Children. The School Started With A Vision Of Providing Excellent Infrastructure And Services That Complimented The Curriculum Offered. The School Started Off With Facilities.The School Helps The Children To Improve Their Hidden Potential By Exposing Them To Diverse Opportunities And A Large Number Of Activities. 

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